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Sheet And Plate Extrusion Lines

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Single Layer Or Multi-layer Coating Film Extrusion Line



Single layer or multi-layer coating film extrusion line
Application range :Paper-plastic compound 、Aluminum-plastic compound 、Plastic-plastic compound 、Paper-aluminum plastic compound JWELL coating film production lines, including milk, liquid asepsis packing film co-extrusion line, high-class digital printing paper

extrusion and laminating composite production line,toothpaste sheet extrusion line, pre-coating film and card film extrusion and laminating composite production line, candy and food high barrier packaging material extrusion line, madicine barrier packaging sheet extrusion line, insant noodle coating film production line, papercups and paper food containers drench film machine, single or double sides coating film, single, double or three layers co-extrusion lines.


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