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PVC Floor Leather Extrusion Line

Machine brand:Jwell
certificate: CE ISO
Packaging Details:Wooden Pallet
Delivery Time:60-120days
Payment Terms:TT/LC at sight
Supply Ability:Can be customized



Mainly used for produce the sort of PVC Floor leather rolls. PVC Floor leather has the performance of anti-friction,corrosion resistence, skidproof, impermeable and inflaming retarding, is widely used on auto, hotel, amusement place, exhibition  hall,house,etc.

The structure of this production line is simple, and convenient to operation .According to customers’ requirement ,equipped with different components,used for producing single layer,multi-layer composite production and also can be equipped with unreeling unit,used for producing inner strengthen production or surface compound non-woven fabrics and PVC decoration film, etc.

Equipment list for standard line

1 SJZ80/156锥形双螺杆挤出机

    SJZ80/156 conical twin screw extruder

2. 模具 Mould

3. 三辊压光机、前覆膜装置

    Three-roll calender, front laminating device

4. 辊温控制系统

    Roll temperature control system

5. 冷却托架

    Cooling bracket

6. 切边装置

    Trimming device

7. 牵引机

    Haul off unit

8. 横向裁断装置

    Horizontal cutting device

9. 摩擦式收卷机

    Friction winder

10. 电气控制系统

    Electrical control system

11. DYHL500/1000混料机组(含上料机)

     DYHL500/1000 mixing unit (including loader) 


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