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Sheet And Plate Extrusion Lines

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PP/PS/EVOH Sheet Extrusion Line



PP / PS package sheet 、stationery decoration sheet extrusion lines: PP/PS sheet is widely used for food, electrical component package;differehnt kinds of sand, transparent, inclined grain decoration sheet. We are able to supply multilayers sheet extrusion machine as customer’s requirements, the output range is from 100-1200kg/h for option.
PP, EVA, EVOH multi-layer sheet co-extrusion line
To meet market's high request on products, Suzhou JWELL developed advanced technology of five layer symmetrical distribution and mmetricalseven layer asymmetrical distribution, which makes the produced sheets having better barrier performance, excellent anti-oxygen ity.and anti-humidity. Mainly used for Jelly packing, meat packing, snack food packing and etc, medicine and cosmetic packing.


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