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Rollers Series

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Plastic Casting Roller



20171114123711882Based on many years’ understandings and experience in
plastic packing industry, we have the outstanding performance
in roller manufacturing for sheet, plate and film.

If the roller needs to be heated or cooled, we can provide the
different kinds of special inner flow structures. The roller which
has the spiral inner flow channel is a high-tech product, this
roller has a very good heat exchange ability and this roller can
reach the minimum temperature fluctuation which is allowed in

The roller rotate as an higher speed when produce the plastic
film,so that high precision of the roller dynamic balance is
very important. Our specified large dynamic balance testing
equipment and various balance process can ensure these
request effectively.

In order to meet the crowning of the roller when calendaring
the high precision plastic product. We use the CNC grinding
process that could make the crowning roller, it’s tally with the
request of the meander line quits.

Rollers for producing the following products:
● ABS、PS、HIPS、PMMA sanitaryware plate, refrigerator plate
● PVC hard plate, soft plate, foamed board
● PE aluminum composite sheet
● PC、PET、PVC、PP transparency sheet
● PC、PMMA optical sheet
● PP+calcium powder、PP+wood powder、PP+linen fiber sheet
● Different kinds of cast film

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