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Research & Development

Research and development (R&D) is a valuable tool for growing and improving your business. R&D involves researching your market and your customer needs and developing new and improved products and services to fit these needs. Businesses that have an R&D strategy have a greater chance of success than businesses that don't. An R&D strategy can lead to innovation and increased productivity and can boost your business's competitive advantage. Jwell company in research and development of this block is also enough hard, make full use of the resources, set up specialized technical research and development team and lab, continuous innovation, striving to technical strength to walk in the front, here are some of the new technologies that have been developed recently:

1. PLA (Polylactic Acid) Environmentally Friendly Degradable Sheet Production Line
PLA (Polylactic Acid) is a novel biobased and renewable biodegradable material made from starch raw materials proposed by renewable plant resources such as corn and cassava. The production process of PLA is non-polluting, and the product can be biodegraded to achieve circulation in nature, so it is an ideal green polymer material. PLA has good thermal stability, processing temperature of 170-230℃, with good solvent resistance. Products made of PLA have the advantage of biodegradability, gloss, transparency, good feel and heat resistance. It also has good antibacterial, flame retardant and UV resistance, so it can be used in rigid packaging of fruits, vegetables, eggs, cooked foods, and baked goods. It can also be used for the packaging of sandwiches, biscuits, and flowers, etc.


2. This product is a five-roll calendering machine

The extrusion line is the main component of composite polymer waterproof coil production line. The production line is suitable for PVC, TPO, PE, and other materials of waterproof coil. The structure of the coil includes homogeneous coil (code H): waterproof coil without internal reinforcement material or backing material; Coiled material with fiber backing (code L): waterproof coiled material with fabric such as polyester non-woven fabric composite on the lower surface of the coiled material; Internally reinforced coil (code P): waterproof coil reinforced with polyester mesh cloth in the middle of the coil; Internally reinforced coil (code G): a waterproof coil reinforced in the middle with a glass fiber mesh cloth;

3. Main technical parameters

Product width: 1200-2000m

Product thickness: 0.4-3.0mm

Thickness deviation:±0.02mm

Rolling specification: 6500X2400mm

Drive mode: Yaskawa servo drive

Driving Power: 4.4KW