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Plastic Pipe For Construction New Materials For Buildings

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TPO, PVC, EVA, PE Waterproof Sheet Extrusion Line


Application and Feature

Jwell company adopts the solid roll for combining multilayers, this new technology make the TPO sheet having a good function against wind uncovering.TPO waterproof sheet is a new type of waterproof product, which is produced with thermoplastic polyolefin plus antioxygen and plastifier and so on, the middle layer is polyester fabric for reinforcement, the surface is laminated with textile fiber and aluminum foil. This kind of TPO waterproof sheet has the features of good weatherproof and suppleness.It is mainly used for house、tunnel、basement architecture and other waterproof fields.

Mainly used for producing PVC, EVA, PE Waterproof Sheet,it is used for house waterproof industry, architecture,and basement, architecture waterproof project in reservoir,dam,road tunnel,rail way tunnel, bomb shelter, grain depot, refuse dump ,waste water disposal,etc.



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