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PE Heat Insulation Pipe Extrusion Line


Application and Feature:

PE insulation pipe is also called PE outer protection pipe, jacket pipe, sleeve pipe. The direct buried polyurethane insulation pipe is made of HDPE insulation pipe as the outer protective layer, the middle filled polyurethane rigid foam is used as the insulation material layer, and the inner layer is steel pipe. Polyurethane direct buried insulation pipe has good mechanical properties and thermal insulation performance. Under normal circumstances, it can withstand high temperature of 120-180 ° C, and is suitable for various cold and hot water high and low temperature pipeline insulation projects. The insulation pipe production line is designed with a special PE insulation pipe mold, the extrusion pressure is stable, and the thickness of the thin-walled pipe is uniform. The extrusion speed is fast, the output of the blown type is greatly improved, the surface is brighter, and the operation automation is high.



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