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Pipe Extrusion Lines Series

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Steel Reinforced Spiral Pipe Extrusion Line


Steel reinforced spiral pipe extrusion line

Steed reinforced pipe has the features of not easy in corrosion of the steel band, the top of the steel band has the thicker protection layer, reinforced rib is not easy in collapse, the seam is connected strongly, the tensile strength of the pipe in axial direction is high so that during the use the pipe is not easy in leakage. We have applied the patent for this machine and the patent numbers are ZL200920073200.4 and 200910054675.3


The steel reinforced spiral pipe has a high ring stiffness and good flexibility in axial direction, so that the pipe system has the features of stiffness and flexibility. When happening the unfavorable situations such as the soil subside unevenly, rise of underground water, the load of the partial ground is too big, earthquake or other disasters, the pipe can adapt the situations by flexible deformation, so that the connection point will not leak or broken due to the big stress and deformation. This pipe has combined all the advantages of the normal no pressure plastic pipes and the strength of the steel rib, so this pipe can meet different engineering requirements, this pipe can be used widely for delivery of corrosion or non corrosion no pressure liquids.



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