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Packaging And New Material Extrusion Line

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Stretch Film Extrusion Line


The equipment is composed by extruder, die head, sheet cast, lognitudinal stretch, transverse stretching, automatic winder and controlling system. Relying on our advanced designing and processing ability, our equipment’s features are:

● Special designed lognitudinal strech roller

● Driving and controlling system are from world famous brand

● Controlling system is from precision PLC program

● High stretch acuracy, high speed, and steady working status

We are able to design equipment as per customer’s request with high acuracy stretch equipment: 1-10 streching ratio, width range will be 500-3000mm, thickness range will be 0.05-0.3mm.


Stretch film production line is mainly used for PE lithium electric film;

PP,PE breathable film; PP, PE, PET, PS thermo-shrinkage packing industrial.


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