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Packaging And New Material Extrusion Line

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Slot Coating Dies


Performance and advantages

● The pre-metered system of fluid reduce the waste and make sure the uniform thickness on the direction of the width,reduce the volatilization and make the operate environment more clean.

● The pre-metered system of fluid reduce the waste and make sure the uniform thickness coating on the base materials and allowed the pump synchronous with the production speed.

● The precise slot coating die producing decided the uniform of the coating thickness.

● Allow the quick setup.

● Shorten the time between the beginning of the coating and manufacture the satisfactory products. So it improve the production rate and reduce the waste.

● Reduce the variable factor improve the stability when producing and repeatability.

● Suitable for wide range different kind of coating fluid,base materials,coating width and coating thickness.



● Slot coating die can produce very thin and transparent optical coating layer. Meanwhile it can make the coating weight keep the very accurate tolerance range, it is different with the system which the coating fluid wiped on the base materials, our slot coating die is the die which die lip slot is relatively bigger( it can reach 0.0762mm). The coating fluid layer sucted from this die lip can be as thin as 1μm.

● The slot coating die can control the coating weight tolerance in 5% in the whole width when the coating layer is only 0.002mm or 2μm. The slot die lip we manufacture is fixed so that it can control the coating layer thickness and width by using the replaceable shims. The coating layer thickness can be from less than 1μm to 254μm.

● This kind of slot die can make different kinds of adhesive (include the special transparent adhesive) battery, ceramic capacitor, decorate surface, Electronic display medium,filtering film, floor board, fuel battery, Magnetic mud,medical product, photoresist, pressure sensitive tape,solar battery,superconductor ,tear tape and film which used in the window.


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