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Packaging And New Material Extrusion Line

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LFT/CFP/FRP/CFRT Continuous Fiber Reinforced Composite Production Line


Continuous fiber reinforced composite material is made of reinforced fiber material: glass fiber(GF), carbon fiber(CF), aramid fiber(AF), ultra high molecular polyethylene fiber(UHMW-PE), basalt fiber(BF) by using special process technology to makes high strength continuous fiber and thermal plastic&thermosetting resin soak with each other. Then extrusion and drawing process are used to form the high strength, high toughness and recyclable thermalplastic resin composite material .commonly used plastic are PET, ABS, PP, PC, PA, PPS, POM and other environmentally friendly thermoplastic materials.

Product application: Military, spaceflight, ships, automotive light weight, electronics, wind and electricity,construction, medical, sports and leisure and other fields.




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