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Flat Moulds Series

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Screen Changer System



JWELL’s hydraulic screen changer system widespread use in all kinds of plastic products, plastic granulation etc, the perfect design and careful production let the product's performance is worth trust; A wide selection of structural form and specifications, always have a suitable for your requirements

Manual screen changer series:
  ●Extruder screw can draw from the screen changer directly, it is convenient toenient remove and clean
  ●Adopts advanced pressure seal technology, through the pressure of polymers toymers drive seal components, to achieve the best sealing effect and change screen moreen quickly
  ●modular combinations, suitable for different standard extrusion machine, andhine, convenient to clean
  ●Low cost investment, suitable for small extrusion system.
  ●The minimum stay time.
  ●The smallest installation space,
  ●Suitable for different extrusion industry.


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