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Film Extrusion Line

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TPU High and Low Temperature Film / High Elastic Film Production Line


TPU high and low temperature film, due to its soft, skin-friendly, high elasticity, three-dimensional sense, easy to use and other characteristics, is widely used in footwear, clothing, luggage, waterproof zipper and other textile fabrics, such as: sports footwear industry vamp, shoe tongue label, trademark and decorative accessories, luggage strap, reflective safety label, LOGO and so on.

Due to its excellent elasticity and bonding strength, TPU high elastic film is widely used in top-grade seamless underwear, seamless sportswear and other non-sutured fabrics.

The production line adopts two or three extruders with inner co-extrusion design technology die head. Due to a specially designed thermal insulation die head, each layer temperature can be free and independent controllled. In order to reach the one step          co-extrusion of different materials or different process temperature materials, meet the production of diversified combination products of various materials and solve the limitation that normal co-extrusion technology can not make such kind film at the same time due to the large difference of material properties and temperature, the temperature of each layer can be controlled independently with this special design of thermal insulation die.




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