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Soft PVC Six Roller Composite Floor Board Extrusion Line

Time : 2021-02-03 Hits : 19

In this production line, the extruder produces foundation board, which is composited with printing layer, wear resisting layer and anti-skid layer by a six- roller composition machine. By accurate control of releasing rolls tension force and the pre-heating for wear resisting layer, the outing floor sheet will not have the effect of wrinkles, shrinkage, or deformation, and with high efficiency and stable quality.

Main advantage for this product:

Super wear resisting, impact resisting, no deformation; fruitful color and design, can be any puzzles; environment friendly, no formaldehyde, no radiation.
Water proof; easy clean ( can be cleaned by moiled mops, save time and labor cost)
Anti-slip; comfortable feeling while stepping on it, which is very suitable for both young and old.
Widely application, can be used is the normal indoor floor surface because of its unique material and perfect function.

The most unique characteristic is its fire retardant, which can meet the national standard. Because of its easy to be installed, this floor board has become the material of fire retardant in the public area and residents indoor floor area.