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Three days countdown!Jwell Company will soon be present at K2022 in Germany

Time : 2022-10-18 Hits : 13

After three years of absence, Jwell Company  will once again be exhibiting at the K2022 exhibition in Düsseldorf, Germany ( Jwell Company Booth No. 16D41 & 14A06 & 8bF11-1), which is expected to take place from 19th to 26th October to unveil the mystery of K2022 in Düsseldorf. At K2022, we will be showcasing a wide range of advanced extrusion equipment on site, providing our global customers with specialised and customised total solutions for plastic extrusion equipment in various segments.



As the world's largest and most influential plastics and rubber exhibition, the K Show is not only an indicator of the future direction of the industry, but also a place where new ideas are born from the dialogue between experts. As a global extrusion technology solution provider, Jwell Company actively connects with advanced European extrusion equipment and technology, explores the development and application of new materials and processes, and is committed to providing more competitive solutions for our customers' future development.






Going abroad to the international arena is the only way for Chinese national enterprises to become bigger and stronger. Jinwei Machinery has participated in the K Show for seven consecutive years, during which we can fully talk to more customers face to face, understand the needs of users and provide more detailed and considerate services to our old customers; we can also make many new friends and showcase our latest products and technologies. Designing and manufacturing customised extrusion equipment to meet niche areas, satisfying our customers and understanding their vision and strategy. With professionalism, we continue to improve our products, services and value, anticipate and meet the needs of our customers, and are committed to providing total solutions to our customers and building effective customer and supplier alliances. We have played an active and leading role in winning recognition and respect in the international market for Chinese plastic machinery.










For eight days, leading companies from the global plastics and rubber industry will present products and technologies from the industry at the highest international level. The opportunity to interact with industry users is doubly valued by the people of Kingwell, especially as the relaunch after the epidemic will bring an atmosphere unlike any other. We are already looking forward to seeing you in Düsseldorf from 19 to 26 October 2022.