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PVC middle layer foam pipe extrusion machines tested and run successfully in middle east customer’s

Time : 2016-11-09 Hits : 26

Recently, several sets of PVC middle layer foam pipe extrusion machines made by Shanghai JWELL Pipe Equipment Co., Ltd tested and run successfully in its middle east customer’s factory.



Middle layer foam PVC pipe is a new type of three layer co-extrusion pipe, its top and bottom layer is rigid PVC, and middle layer is low density foam pvc. Its circumferential rigidity feature is 2 times of ordinary UPVC pipe, and it has a very good stability in a huge change of temperature scales, good heat insulation, especially foam core layer can effectively prevent noise, more suitable for the high-rise building drainage system. This kind of pipe machine also can make common rigid three layer co-extrusion pipe, which very popular in middle east countries such as Iran, Iraq, Egypt



This kind of machines which made by Shanghai JWELL Pipe Equipment Co., ltd has many advantages, such as high degree of automation, the mould design is reasonable, pipe with clear color strip, three layer distribution ratio is uniform, outside/inside layer is smooth, chamfer perfect, low quality product ratio low and etc, now we have below model for choose, JWG-PVC110, JWG-PVC160, JWG-PVC250, JWG-PVC315…if you interested about this kind of machines, please feel free to contact with us. Now nearly 11.11,2016, we will give you a huge discount!!