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Happy Jwell, Thank You For Having You

Time : 2021-06-07 Hits : 11

Today is thanksgiving
Grateful for the great motherland
Let every family live and work in peace
Thanks for the warm breeze of the new era
Illuminate the direction of the industry
Thank your parents for their love
Give us a healthy body and mind
Thanks for the big platform provided by the company
Let the talents of each employee be displayed
Thank customers for every trust
Thank every employee for their dedication

Feeling grassy, just get its lush
Flower feeling rain, just get its gorgeous
You can grow stronger if you feel it
23 years have passed, thank you for staying with you
23 years have passed, thank you for helping each other
Whether it’s your kindness
Or come forward in a critical moment
There are always moments
Dispelled the helplessness and loneliness of the years
The world is warmer than we thought

Thank you to everyone in your life
Cast the splendor in ordinary life
Armed with the courage to face the future
Especially to be grateful to the market and customers for their affirmation and company
Only thanksgiving and action
Do every machine with a heart
Make the user experience the ultimate
With excellent product quality and considerate service
Ranking the leading position in the extrusion equipment industry for 10 consecutive years
Continue to surpass yourself
Bring real value to customers

“Grateful heart, thank destiny” often sung in the lyrics
Thank fate for letting us meet in Jwell
Thank Jwell for giving us the opportunity to grow
Thanks to every ordinary Jwell person
My happiness is more prosperous because of your participation
Also hope your happiness
It is more harmonious because of my decoration
Happy Jwell

If gratitude has a shape, it must be in the shape of love
If happiness has an appearance, it must be the appearance of Jwell
Thanksgiving years, thanksgiving for growth, thanks for having you
Jwell walk with you all the way

Jwell wish everyone
Happy! Safe! Happy!