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5 Features of Stone Paper

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Table Of Contents
● 5 Features of Stone Paper
● Distinct Density
● Pull Strength
● Waterproof
● Heavy Weight
● Cooler Touch

Diversity Between Normal Paper And Stone Paper
● Water Consumption
● Recyclability

● Applications of Stone Paper

Stone paper can be really just actually a form of solid and long-lasting paperlike substance generated by calcium-carbonate ensured with little bit of resin high-density HDPE. Rock paper comes with an density assortment. It can be recycled with amount 2 alloys or remade into nutrient paper and also isn’t biodegradable although can be photo-degradable below ailments that were proper.

Stone paper owns a coating that is smoother compared to many products. Since it’s not produced from wood fibers.

5 Features of Stone Paper

Distinct Density
The rock paper is a little than just simply pulp paper. This paper’s grade is more significantly different in comparison to pulp paper.

Pull Strength
Do you experimented with ripping a sheet of rock paper aside? However, perhaps maybe not easy. Pulp paper rips which is perhaps maybe not true with paper. This material is even much significantly hardy.


The paper is total watertight. You may suspend your own water, coffee or red wine (thoroughly tested). Across nothing else and the sheets may occur. You will just have to wash off the liquids.

Heavy Weight
Stone Paper is double weight of ordinary paper. It is a little thinner compared to your normal paperweight.

Cooler Touch
You also may observe it seems somewhat more cooler after you choosing up rock paper. That really is an all pure solution, also therefore very flexible to chilly conditions.

Diversity Between Normal Paper And Stone Paper

Water Consumption

Rock paper uses less water to create than paper. Every metric tonne of rock paper necessitates 27 gallons of drinking water, and this is dispersed in a closed platform and also compacted.

By contrast, these 27 gallons of plain water could create just 9 A 4 sheets of printer newspaper that is conventional. Approximately 15.5 million gallons of plain water are essential to create inch metric tonne of conventional paper. For inch metric tonne of paper made out of recycled pulp paper, roughly 5.8 million gallons are all demanded. That really is less than earning paper that is virgin, but bear in mind that stuff depends up on crab the presence of compounds.



When coming up with paper that is, it is impossible to change 100% of the shrub. Reliable waste is generated, if creating paper out of recycled stuff. To create tonne of paper that was conventional, above 150 KG of waste is generated. When coming up with paper out of recycled substances, there’s more powerful waste, as chemical paper comprises further impurities. There’s just really a limitation, as soon as it’s likely to recycle paper a few instances.

When coming up with rock paper, then scraps which can be produced and the waste come from rounding the corners out of examine batches or even pages. Whilst the bits might be recycled to stone paper within the batch, rock paper produces no odor. Rock paper might also need to recycle process.

Applications of Stone Paper

● Stationery, leaflets, posters, books, magazines
● Bags, Packing, Wallpaper, Adhesives
● Plates, Trays, Containers Maps

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