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Auxiliary Machines Series

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JWE Co-rotation Parallel Twin-screw Pelletizing Machine



Building block type screw and barrel have the advantages of multi combination, wider applications. By changing the small quantity of barrel and screw elements, the screw and barrel can process different kinds of raw materials.
The barrels can be changed in accordance with the processing requirement
The building block type barrels enable more precise processing. The temperature of every barrel can be individually set. The surface of the barrel has been special treated for more wearable and anti-corrosive, so that the barrels can suitable for different raw materials.
High quality and stable gear distribution transmitting system .The system is designed with high torque, the gears are high precisely processed. With the reasonable oil immersion device and the force lubrication system and the chain protection device enable the extruder can be smoothly and stably running. From the very limited space, we designed a new style pivot with spline frame to ensure biggest bearing ability and realize high torque transmission Precise and convenient controlling system: Optional separate controlling unit, analogue panel display, PLC system, PEC system controlling.
Low vibration, low noise. The machine can be installed easily on the flat ground.


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