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Auxiliary Machines Series

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DYQX Series Lumpish Plastic, Film Crushing, Washing And Recycling Line



The scrap film recycle is always a difficulty in plastic recycling field. The film is not easy in washing and nadapted de-watering, while through constant research and practice, we have solved these problems. This kind of machine has adapter the character of film adequately and has made a pertinent scheme. After selection, wet crushing, friction washing and etc procedures, the dust, oil on the film can be completely cleaned. The recycled products are being widely usedin granulation, injection and other fields.
openning machine, metal detectior, conveyor belt, label removal equipment and water recycling system.
Capacity:300KG/H, 500KG/H, 1000KG/H, 1500KG/H and others.

DYUN also can provide the best scheme and relevant equipment to our customers according to the actual circumstance, such as: pack

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