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DYQT Series PET Bottle Crushing, Washing Machine



PET bottle crushing,washing machine has considered the usage condition of our domestic and has combined the advanced technology of international recycling machines,it is special designed for recycling of different kinds of PET bottles. The production procedures are as follow:
selection, label removal, wet crushing,heating stiring,friction washing and two poaching washing. After these washing procedures, the washed PET flakes can meet the requirement of next application. The recycled product is widely used in chemical fiber spinning, granulation, injection and etc fields.This machine has the features of high automation, clean washing, high efficiency.
DYUN also can provide the best scheme and relevant equipment for our customers accroding fo the actual circumstance, such as: pack opening machine, metal segregator, conveyor belt, label removal equipment and water recycling system.
Applications: Washing and recycling of PET bottles,flakes packaging containers.

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