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Automotive New Plastic Material Extrusion Line

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TPU Automotive Protective Film Extrusion Line


TPU multi-group casting composite material is a kind of material which can realize 3-5 layers of different materials by multi-step casting and online combination. It has beautiful surface and can make different patterns. It has superior strength, wear resistance, safety and environmental protection performance. It is used in inflatable life jacket, diving BC jacket, life raft, hovercraft, inflatable tent, inflatable water bag, military inflatable self expansion mattress, massage air bag, medical protection, industrial conveyor belt and professional waterproof backpack.

This production line adopts multiple extruders and multiple sets of unwinding devices, step by step flow casting forming, and realizes one-step composite forming, which can be equipped with on-line multi-group thickness measurement control. The production line designs various composite methods and one production line can realize various production processes of product forms.For some special fabrics, it can be connected with the fabric pretreatment and gluing production line synchronously to meet the production needs of customers for different products.




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