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Automotive New Plastic Material Extrusion Line

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Thin-Wall Efficient Roller


For the thin-walled high-efficiency roller, the surface shell thickness is only 50%-70% of the standard roller; by reducing the area of the strikes, and enlarging the contact area with cooling water, the thermal conversion efficiency is increased. And to offset the roller rigidity, the overall circular runner design is adopted to increase the intensity of the roller. Under the same working condition, the thin wall high efficiency roller boosted plate and sheet line output by 20% to 50%.

Roller surface treatment

● Quenching with Subsequent tempering, ensures the density of the structure

● Outer surface deeply quenched, the hardness can be reached HRC 50~55

● Surface electrolyze hard chromed, the hardness can be reached HRC 58~65

Surface treatment

● Mirror roller, super mirror roller grinding and polishing processing.

● Different kinds of roller surface treatments are available, such as leather veins, matt, mist, frosting, net veins and etc.


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