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Automotive New Plastic Material Extrusion Line

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Plate Die Series



With  special  coat-hanger  channel design, the die minimizes ablation of heatsensitive material. With the adjustable upper die lip, changeable lower die lip and perpendicular blocking bar, the die meets the thickness requirements of various products. The die is fit for PVC foaming  board  with  the  thickness between 2-20mm.



The die adopts a typical coat-hanger channel, and adjustable upper die lip, changeable lower lip and perpendicular blocking bar. With ST-model width-control system, the width of products can be changed without interrupting. The die is designed for ABS, PS, PP single-layer or multi-layer plate with the thickness between 0.8-8mm.



Double flow channels design,the upper and lower die lips are adjustable with the oil temp control,the skinning effection of the products surface is better and have less inner stress,truly realizing surface skinning and foaming. Thickness of products:5-30mm.


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